We are proud and honoured to represent and remain actively responsible for the broadcasting of legendary recorded and written material of some of Britain’s most celebrated talents. This is achieved by way of new compilation and entertainment programmes or documentaries, together with ongoing television repeats, as well as developing concepts and ideas to create new television shows.

We cover all aspects of the entertainment industry as well as all derivative fields including television/radio, stage productions, advertising, publishing, DVD and video on demand. We have extensive experience and a strong understanding of rights and positive negotiation, in striving always to achieve the best possible deal for our clients.

Legends success is due to the genuine care and absolute commitment to the lasting legacy of the great comedians and writers we represent, with carefully controlled exploitation. We pride ourselves on working closely with both Producers and the families of those we represent, to ensure factual accuracy and quality programming whilst celebrating the iconic material. We also assist in providing memorabilia to compliment any project.

Legends (Management) ensure that the talent and creative work of the great names of the industry are fully recognised, remembered and rewarded, in perpetuity.

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